The future of expense management

Artificial Intelligence for a simple and fast expense process

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Our solution is designed to eliminate manual work in the expense process. Just take a picture and let the machine learning models do the rest.

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Expense Robot seamlessly integrates into your existing processes and systems. Simply upload your policies and workflows in a few steps and you are all set.

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We are proud to offer bank-level standards for data security, data privacy and access management. Our built-in analytics capabilities help you identify potential expense fraud cases.

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Cut processing time, efficiently claim back sales tax and make better decisions through advanced cost analytics. Expense Robot will pay for itself!

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How it works

Capture an expense

10 seconds

Simply take or add a receipt-picture, mileage- or per diem expense

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Robo-Assistant drafts your expense report

1 second

Check the expense report and submit if you are satisfied

icon depicting Robo-Assistant drafts your expense report

Robo-Approver checks and can approve the expense

1 second

Depending on uploaded policies, workflows and the calculated compliance sore, a manual approver may be added to the process. Otherwise, the approval goes fully automated

icon depicting Robo-Approver checks and can approve the expense

Expense is reimbursed

Finance and/or HR can make an optional check before the payout file is generated and fed into your accounting system for a fast reimbursement

icon depicting Expense is reimbursed

Ready for the future?

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